Sophont (2013 - present)

In Sophont, the newest volume in Desirée Holman’s ongoing exploration, she is interested in everything spacey, including astrology, aliens, auras, harmonic convergence, mysticism, occultism, animal magnetism and a myriad of other spiritual pseudo-sciences. She is obsessed with the leaps of faith we choose and refuse to make everyday. In this new body of work, Holman explores the iconography and aesthetics associated with these realms, treating fringe fantasies as if they were fact. The sensuous works, which consist of gouache and airbrush paint on paper, seem to float above the page. Art historically, they channel Francesco Goya’s monstrous Saturn, Mark Rothko’s mystical color fields and Vija Celmins’s starscapes. Holman moves swiftly and easily between figure and abstraction, terrestrial and extraterrestrial, new and old ages.

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Channeling Aura 1, 2012
Gouache on Paper
30 x 22 inches
Sophont in Action, March 18 & 19, 2017
Live Performance, 1 hour duration
Video documentation here
Creative team credit list here

Sophont, 2015
Three Channel Video
excerpt length= 3 min 23 sec*

total video run time= 12 min
Music by Angel Deradoorian
Cast & Crew Credit List

*This excerpt is a mock-up of a 3 channel video installation.
Sophont (detail), 2015
Three Channel Video
Installation at Ithaca College, NY
Sophont in Action, October 1, 2015
Live Cinema Event including 30 Performers and Projection Mapping
Black Cube Nomadic Museum at Red Rocks Park in Colorado
Photo: Sara Ford
video documentation here
Psionics 16 (detail), 2014
Wood, Acrylic Paint, Plastic
39 H x 12 W x 12 D inches
Photo: Jay Jones
Outer Space 10, 2014
Acrylic on Panel
9 x 12 inches
Photo: Jay Jones
Indigo Child (detail), 2015
Pencil, Acrylic
16 x 16 inches
Ecstatic Dancer, 2015
Pencil, Acrylic
16 x 16 inches
Time Traveler, 2013
Pencil and Gouache on Paper
30 x 42 inches
Close Contact*, 2013
3-28 Variable Channel Video
Soundscape by Angel Deradoorian
Installation at diRosa Museum
* excerpt represents ONE channel
The Indigo and The Ecstatic: A Motion to the Future, June 2, 2013
Live Performance, SFMOMA